Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream 125ml

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Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream 125ml.

Clinically Tested | Microbiology Tested | Dermatology Tested.

Pure Essential oils, herbs and vegetables oils. No synthetic color or synthetic fragrance.

Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream is a unique natural healing cream that repairs and regenerates skin. It softens and improves elasticity, and rapidly hydrates and improves the texture of the skin in minutes. It has been shown through 25 years of consumer use to repair and regenerate damaged skin, including sun damage (such as solar keratosis), bedsores, burns, wounds and skin problems related to HIV and Aids, as well as diabetes.

Natural processing using plant extracts may help to naturally soothe the skin. Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream has the unusual characteristic of moisturising the skin in minutes, which is now clinically proven, thus hydrating and improving the texture of dry and frail skin almost immediately

Beneficial for the following conditions:

Dry skin; Itchy skin; Eczema; Sunburn; Chilblains; Bruises; Sore feet; Mosquito bites; Muscle Massage; Wounds; Burns; Diabetic feet; Scars; Rash; Chafing; Keloids; Tension; Blisters; Hiking; Campaigns; Running; Cycling.




We all know how painful sunburn can be. There are few things worse than getting home from a day out on holiday and discovering sore, hot, red and painful skin as a result of having spent too much time in the sun without protection. Sunburn can cause unsightly peeling as well as terrible pain.


Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose Cream provides fast acting relief for sun burn, as well as moisturizing your dry skin to help minimize peeling and blistering. The all natural oils in the cream infuse into the skin to help provide fast relief and stimulate timely healing, so you can start enjoying your holiday again as soon as possible. You can apply as often as you like. We recommend applying a liberal amount at least three times daily.


Itchy insect/spider bites:
Insect bites can cause much discomfort, particularly if you’re one of those unlucky people who just so happens to be considered tastier than others. It can be very useful to have Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose Cream on hand to help alleviate and relieve the itching from these annoying bites. Simply apply a liberal amount to the affected area to relieve the itchiness or discomfort.

It is important to look out for warning signs with bites though, particularly when dealing with spider bites. If you ever see an unusually large or fast growing area of swelling or inflammation, or a red line leading away from the bite you should seek immediate medical attention. A red line is likely the poison from the bite spreading through your veins usually towards the heart. Treatment for a dangerous spider bite like that will usually require a course of antibiotics. 


Chilblains are itchy, red and potentially painful bumps that can appear on your fingers or your feet. They can lead to terrible discomfort. Often they are caused by extended exposure to damp and/or cold temperatures for long periods of time, usually due to one’s working environment, or a hobby such as horse riding in winter. When the temperature changes it causes the blood vessels in the affected area to close (with cold) and expand (with heat) which can lead to agitation and hence swelling and inflammation, which we refer to as chilblains. 

Sister Jenny’s Multi Purpose Cream helps to increase blood flow, hence keeping your blood vessels open, which stimulates healing. The natural, healing ingredients penetrates into your skin and sore areas, encouraging the healing process. For best results massage a liberal amount of cream into the affected areas three times a day, and make sure to apply for a few days after symptoms ease to avoid recurrence.


Specification: Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream 125ml

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Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream 125ml
Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream 125ml
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