Porcupine Birthday Card

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A6 folded Greeting Card of a cute porcupine bringing you flowers on its quills!

Did you know that “porcupine” means “Thorn Pig” ?
Behind its attention-grabbing defense mechanism of 30000 notorious quills, porcupines are interesting, well-rounded creatures worthy of admiration and respect (until one digs up your vegetable garden or destroys your flowerbed!)

Illustration: Hand Painted with Watercolor
Cardstock: 300 GSM, Recycled paper, FSC Approved
Interior: Blank
Individually wrapped in clear sleeve
Eco Friendly: Yes
Craft Envelope Included: Yes

Peculiar Porcupine is the first illustration of the Curious Creations Collection. I hope it brings you as much joy as it did to me Illustrating it!

Specification: Porcupine Birthday Card

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