Chimamanda Blue African Print Head Wrap

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Filled with bright, vibrant colours and a strikingly bold blue background, our exclusive head wear is aimed at making you feel bold and proud in your most natural state.
Perfect for those semi-formal meetings or those epic cocktail evenings, pair this head wear with one of our dresses and you’re guaranteed to look like a queen from head to toe.

This head wrap is lined with light blue satin fabric to prevent hair breakage and to reduce split ends allowing you to maintain healthy hair while strutting Cyan.

Fabric: 100% Wax Print Cotton, lined with satin
Size: 22 x 72 inches.

Our African head wrap product collection comes with the following advantages attached:

• Helps in reducing Hair Breakage
• Assists in reducing Split Ends
• Covers up a Bad Hair Day
• Adds a pop to any outfit

Specification: Chimamanda Blue African Print Head Wrap

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Chimamanda Blue African Print Head Wrap
Chimamanda Blue African Print Head Wrap

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