KASUGA designs and creates a range of clothing, accessories and jewelery; also custom made. Inspired by Nature's splendour, using mostly natural fabrics and materials combined with the unexpected... A synthesis of East, West and Africa translates to pure style that is timesless and ageless.

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Peacock Plumage
Peacock and Parakeet Plumage
Large Peacock Plumage
Bridal Set
Bridal Set
Sea Sequins Necklace
Rock Sequins Necklace detail
Peacock wrist decoration
Sea Sequince necklace detail
Peacock moth earings
Peacock jellyfish earings
Peacock and Pastel choker
Peacock and black wrist decoration
Blue peacock moth earrings
Peacock and black choker
Night Sky Sequince necklace detail
Night Sky Sequince Necklace
Guineafowl moth earings
Guinea-fowl butterfly earings
Golden fowl choker - detail
Golden fowl choker
Glass Fortune Necklaces
Glass Fortune Necklace [back]
Glass Fortune Necklace
Flower Sequince Necklace detail
Flower Sequince
Feather afro-comb